Unisex Series Launch Date Announced!

With just a short while to go till our Unisex Series launches we wanted to give you an insight into the process of how we created this range with the new focus in mind, everyone.
unseen footwear unisex range helier leather white
At Unseen Footwear our mission is to create a simple and modern range of sneakers that elevate your style with a focus on quality materials and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The reflective 3M on the heel and embossed logo are the only branded elements on our shoe, in keeping with our minimal aesthetic.
Since the launch of the brand there has been a demand for women’s sizes in our sneakers. The Unisex Series, aims to cater to all ensuring no one misses out!
unseen footwear unisex range trinity tech vibram
We have partnered with several different retailers for exclusive designs that will only be available from their respective stores and online channels. Browns, Flannels and Selfridges are who we feel align most with Unseen Footwear’s philosophy. It is only right that we have partnered with them as they are among the most respected and iconic retailers in the industry. 
unseen footwear unisex range clement sustainable
Some of these exclusive designs will be a part of our Sustainable range which incorporates multiple ethically sourced and conscious materials including but not limited to: natural latex soles with a cork and hemp mix, 100% organic cotton, as well as vegan alternatives for our leather and suede uppers. Just because it is environmentally conscious does not mean we have skimped on quality either, they are still made in our Italian finishing factory so that the attention to detail and traditional techniques are not sacrificed in the process of working with these more sustainable materials. 
We are so excited to share this collection with you. You can sign up to our mailing list today and stay up to date with all the announcements about the Unisex series and be notified on launch day - 25.08.21.
Remember, don’t confuse getting noticed with being seen.
- Unseen Footwear