Liquiproof Premium Freshener 50ml


The Liquiproof LABS Freshener is a fast-acting deodoriser spray which rapidly eliminates bad odours from all types of fabric.

The formula contains a high concentration of probiotics (good bacteria) which work to kill the odour causing bad bacteria. Unlike many sneaker sprays or fabric fresheners on the market, the super strength formula doesn’t just mask the odour; it works deep into the fibres of the fabric, drawing out the bad bacteria and eliminating it for good. This natural approach to science means it does all of this without the need for harsh chemicals – it is powerful, eco and non-toxic! It’s also 100% biodegradable and safe to use around pets.

Perfect for use as a shoe freshener, clothes freshener or sports kit deodoriser.

SCENT: A blend of citrus botanicals, balanced by refreshing mint.